Thursday 25 September 2014

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suddenly 30 - ayers rock - uluru

Ecstatic to have ticked this off the bucket list with a group of close friends who are besties to me. Celebrating my thirtieth a little early but September/October is the best time to visit and least expensive - so why not! Girl trips can be risky.  Speaking from experience, you either make it or break it haha thankfully (maybe it's a celebration getaway) we had the best time of our lives! It was in fact only 3 days, what could possibly go wrong...?

 September definitely was the best time to visit. It's not too hot nor too cold. It can be a  little chilly in the early mornings and evenings, but during the day when the sun comes out to play, it is perfect with minimal flies attacking your face. So a fly net hat is unnecessary, thank goodness. Imagine how sexy we would look in photos haha.

Theme: Boots, hats, country, Sex & the City, outback girls.


the brief

Dates: September 13-15th, Saturday - Monday

Flights: approx $365pp jet star sale 

Accomodation: Sails in the desert. Best stay ever. Such a gorgeous hotel with included breakfast, a heated pool (its the only resort in Uluru with a heated pool) and most importantly they serve the best cocktails in town, an extra dirty Martini is a must!!
We opted for a room with a terrace. Perfect when travelling with a group of 4 or more. Handy for pre-drinks, a lazy lunch in & sun baking on the day lounge.. bliss

What to do:
Day 1: Sounds of Silence dinner $195pp, to avoid disappointment booking in advance is required. It's definitely something worth ticking off the list and if you're an outdoor dining kind of person. There were a few insects flying around when the sun sets.. so I advise you to eat quickly. 
The final part of this tour you get to learn about astronomy which is probably the highlight for us. Seeing SATURN through the telescope made our night, spotting the Milky-Way, millions of twinkling stars and locating the southern cross. 
Tips: Bring a cardigan or wrap as it may be cold especially at night. No heels as you will be walking on sand, wear boots or closed shoes.

Day 2: Uluru Sunrise tour is highly recommended. We didn't see the blue/purple hues in the changing colour of the rock, but we definitely witnessed the rock change into a vibrant red. It was absolutely beautiful, worth waking up 4.30 in the morning for! It was really chilly in the early morning, we clearly dressed to impress..
Sunrise tour $59pp (excludes $25 National Park entry fee)

                             Short video of our jumping shots in Ayers Rock 

 Included breakfast at the hotel was superb. Breakfast of Champions!!

Felt adventurous after a huge meal of freshly cooked omelettes, pancakes with maple syrup and cream & fresh fruits. We decided to go biking at The Rock! 
To get there from the hotel would have costed us $60pp return shuttle service to The Cultural Centre. (We strongly suggest never doing this) but we had a group of 4 girls, so we hitched a ride from a local apprentice who was driving past in the area. Thomas happily dropped us off and picked us up a few hours later. We offered him money of course for the lovely service. 


Bike riding costed $30pp for 3hrs. Ensure you buy plenty of water. Cycling in 30degs heat was a scorcher. Heaps of fun and the rock is absolutely amazing up close. It's so beautiful you have to be there to see & feel it. We climbed the rock but only a quarter way. It's a little steep and kind of scary!!

obsessed with jumping shots.. they're so much fun!! 

AOJ silver letter & love heart rings to the left. Right: Mini pearl ring 9ct, Valentine white & black diamond rose gold ring.

Dinner: Outback Pioneer Hotel Barbeque. Fun casual night out, DIY bbq with your choice of meat. Approx $35 plus drinks. Be daring and try Kangaroo meat! The lovely gentleman at the bar helped us keep an eye on our Kangaroo meat, once over cooked it will be too tough.

kangaroo meat & emu sausage

How to get there? Its walking distance from the hotel, however there are free shuttle bus services. 

Day 3: Our last day. Flight departure 2.25pm. Thankfully Uluru provides free shuttle bus services to and from the airport for every scheduled flight. 

Highlights of our trip:
sounds of silence dinner - Forever New dress, AOJ & The Bag Department Lucie leather clutch
AOJ silver letter rings  ❤ 

 AOJ silver heart tag necklaces


spotted a desert lizard. Size of my index finger. Too cute!

Total cost of trip approx $1200pp, 3 days two nights. 6 girls. 

Carrie Bradshaw "They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style"

Photos by: Alice Or, Anita Or, Ella Cao, Nadia Neems, Jenna Hunt & Telita Hunt. 

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